OK, Icecrown is fun.  Ran it 10 man last week and roflpwned. 

Marrowgar-  annoying.   He spiked me 3 times in a row.   2nd time I died in a fire right after I was freed.  I got a Battle Res, healed myself and got….you guessed it, spiked again!  4 times total that fight!  I was so glad we were running 3 healers instead of the 2 we run in TOC.   Otherwise not so bad once the tanks get all coordinated.  Got the bone spike achievement.

Deathwhisper- mostly a FOL spam fight.  Gotta watch out for the empowered flavored adds though.  They’ll take a tank down quick.  This seems more a fight of DPS coordination.  Casters hit the boss the whole add phase unless a magic only add is up.   Melee burn down shields and kill the melee only adds.  Hybrid flavored DPS like enh shammys, DKs and hunters kinda have it hard.

Gunship- OMG fun!  Any fight that lets you strap rockets to your back can’t be all bad.  stay outta rocket strikes and your gold!

Saurfang- I got to DPS this  😀   Seems like the best way to handle this in 10 man is to pile on as much DPS as possible and  burn him before he has a chance to put up his debuffs, so 2 healers here.  The adds we split between the ranged and melee.  One add is kited and the other chain stunned.  Got the timed kill achievement. 

I decided to level a hordie on Shadow Council.  I rolled an orc rogue  named Glim.  Gotta say I like the racials.  I’ve run a dungeon every day Ive been able to get on for long enough.  Each time it took less than five minutes to put the group together!  I’m runnin dungeons that I nearly forgot existed, BFD anyone?

School is going well, I’m on my 3rd week of classes, though it is a little crazy during the holiday season.  Work is insanely busy, new patch content is fun, I need to do my christmas shopping, and I need some sleep!  Luckily, I get a couple weeks off of school, from the 21st till the 3rd of January.   That’ll help, and work will settle down after Christmas.


Twin Valkyrs (TOGC25) have been crushed under Repentence’s boot.  Rumor had it that they were looking very pale and scared before the raid. 

Rumor has it that 3.3 comes out tomorrow, and Im glad to say we’ll see it after at least giving Anub’arac a crack.  Here he is….Ohhhhhhhh scary.

I started my first set of classes at University of Phoenix this week.  So far so good.  Im taking a communication in business class and a class on distance education.  

In the communication class we are discussing voice and tone in writing.  We also read an interesting article on blogging and business.  In the distance learning class we are being given a basic introduction on how this whole internet schooling works. 

My councilors are really serious about keeping in touch to be sure I’m doing ok.  I dont really need the attention at the moment, but its nice to know that it’s easy to get in touch if I have issues. 

Anyway, I have 2 nine week-long projects to do, so Ill be one busy space goat.  I have to make a Powerpoint presentation to persuade a committee to add a service of some sort to an office building  and I have to make a college survival guide. 

The hardest part is getting my brain in gear for the writing.  I was never a great writer.  I have a hard time coming up with words to convey whats going on in my head sometimes   😛  Im hoping that will improve with practice.

Oh my, its been busy.  I’ll get the wow news out of the way first.  I got my lil gnome rogue, Elly, to 80.  She was my first toon, ya know, and while Im probably never going to run her seriously, I am very attached to her all the same.  She has the cutest little animations!  On the raiding front, we are beating our heads on TOGC 25 Twin Valkyrs.  We are getting close  though and I fully expect them to go down soon.  On other raiding fronts, Ren picked up the twilight vanquisher title last week for lols.  It beats the jenkins title anyway.

On the RL front, we have our christmas tree up and a pretty new wreath on the door.  When we moved, last January, it was a mess.  We ended up leaving all our ornaments at the old house.  It’s a shame, because there were some lovely ones with sentimental value, but we were just so glad to be out of there that going back more than absolutely necessary never crossed our mind.  This year well just start collecting some nice new ornaments that will hopefully give us good memories in the future.

Kiddo is doing reasonably well in school.  He likes his class, but doesnt like his homework at all.   Were gearing up for the food drive at scouts next week and the week after that will be the Christmas Party!

On the knitting front, Im working on the sleeves of my sweater.  Sleeves slow me down because Im using 2 circulars instead of just one.  So tedious!

On a side note…Mortigan the Lock’s blog disappeared.  Hope he returns, he was a funny guy, even if he was undead.

Whenever Ren dances I hear this:

That is all.

I love raids.  Its cool to have 9 or 24 other people working together to get something done.    I hate raids….people bein snippy and DRAMA!

Last night we worked in TOGC 25.  For some reason, this week, there are some issues with beasts.  Tempers flare a lil, but its no real big deal.  We have a cranky warrior tank (hes normally so nice, but we all have off days) and people that dont move for the yeti fast enough.  I admit, I didnt get out fast enough one time.  Beaten by the pillar boss   😦   

We decide to go to Uld instead and work on a few hardmodes.  We saved a lockout at the keepers just for this.  We start on Hodir.  Right after the pull,  threat flys around a lil and a couple DPS die.  The guy that pulled first was the BF of the tank (our bear, not our warrior tank).  We miss the achievement by seconds. 

Soon as Hodir dies, Miss Bear goes a bit ballistic over vent at her BF….who is in the same room as her.  She goes afk after a min and we all collect outside Thorim…and wait.   The BF comes with us and while we have our thumbs up our collective rear ends, he suddenly rocket boots into the colleseum and logs.   Im guessin his comp got hit/ unplugged.  This seems to happen when they fight.  This is the second time in a couple months, so idk whats gonna happen. 

After this the RL ninja logs….wth.  If the raid is over, say somethin.  Hearthing and logging like that just seems so….puggish 

Next 25 is Sunday, I hear we’re using our pally, warrior, and other bear tank….Ill christen him Mr Bear for the sake of the post.  But then, I think Miss Bear might be outta town on Sun…I know she’ll be gone tonight and Sat.  Either way, Im hoping for a smooth run. 

On a completely unrelated note:  Finished my first orientation class, yay!

Bond Villan

I suck at updating.  Anyway, In recent news…..

Northrend Beasts have been crushed under Repentance’s boot….twice now!  We killed goremokk during his enrage the first time.   We all started DPSing him like mad while he started one shotting us.  You shoulda heard the screaming when he went down!  Nerdhowl ftw!


Better yet, we got down Lord J and faction champs as well.  We have caught up to realm progression…go us.  We got our first taste of twin valkyrs last night.   Darn, theres some intense healing in that fight! 

Our ten man group meets up again tonight.  Were struggling, but, I think, if we consistantly work on it, we’ll get it, and be a much stronger group for it.  That said, we all need to show up!  We had to reschedule from fri because we had missing peoples and we couldnt round up replacements.  Replacements defeat the purpose anyway, were trying to mesh as a group   😛

On a RL note, I  enrolled in college and will start at the end of the month.  Im gonna have to cut back on the raiding, but thats ok.  Im subject to burnout after a couple months anyway when it comes to raiding.  I just can’t say no to a good raid and it gets me in trouble.   Anyway, Im goin for a degree in buisness with a concentration in accounting.  I start general ed courses on the 30th…in about a year and a half I shoud have an associates and in about 3 years Ill have a Bachellors.  Forward Ho!

Continued beating our heads on H NB.  Either the tanks go down during Goremock, or we lose it to worms.   Distance boss kills us there.   We got Icehowl out a few times, but still had a worm up…..thats a good way to die quick


On a side note, got my headless horseman helm….why does he even need a helm?  Anyway, Ive been tearing around Dalaran laughing like a maniac.


The guild decided to set up 10 man TOGCs,  since theyre not very easy to pug and we need the gear from that to help us in 25.  My group is on Tues, so we’ll see how far we get.  It’s supposed to be way easier than 25 man.


My apt lease is coming up….gotta decide to stay or go.  I want to stay, but it depends on whether my RM is staying too, otherwise we need to find a cheaper, smaller place.  I really, really dont wanna do that.  Even moving to a smaller place, moving is expensive and I love this area.  It’s so darn convenient.

Ive decided to go back to college, assuming I can get in and not starve while doing so.  I decided on Thomas Edison State College because they have a really good distance learning program.   I just need to scrape together 75 bucks for the app fee and start filling out student aid forms   😛


Its become obvious lately that, to be any help supporting my family, I need more education.  After a bit of thought, Ive decided on pursuing a bachelors in Buisness- Accounting.   Im gonna see if I can talk to a few people in the field before enrolling though, see what the business is like from a practical point of view.


Kiddo, came home from playing yesterday coated in axle grease.  I dunno what Im gonna do with him.  Im not even sure where he found it.  


On a gaming note, Ren has a shiny new Chest and cloak from TOC 25 and the triumph badge helm.  Hedwann has an Ony 10 helm.  New gear is fun. 


We tried Heroic Northrend Beasts again….did better.  Kept losing it about the time the first worm died.  We saw the yeti guy come out once, 2nd worm was almost dead….too many DPS dead I think.  Before long we’ll have it,and I hear Jaraxxmas is a bit easier.