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Sam started school last week and is still settling in.  He’s trying to work out a schedule with his advisor that will allow him time to get his professional certifications while still in school.  He’s starting, of course, with the A+ certification and then we’ll go from there.

His classes are set up differently than mine.  I usually have a discussion heavy week in one class coincide with a writing heavy week in the other class.  In addition, I have a final project for both classes; it’s almost always a paper. 

Currently, his classes seem to be discussion based, though I expect that to change when he finishes the “welcome to college” type classes.  He also doesn’t have a final project; he has a midterm and a final exam.  I’m guessing the slow start has to do with the majors we chose and our past college experience.  I’m a business major and he’s going into technology and networks.  I have prior college experience, and Sam never even considered going before now.

I worry about how Sam will do.  He’s smart, so the actual school work isn’t an issue, but he’s already had the professor in one of his classes really rub him wrong.  This professor seems…not particularly good, and Sam has little patience for people he sees as incompetent.  Last night he talked about it with his advisor, so that’s good.  Just so long as he doesn’t poke the professor too hard in class via angry forum post and get himself in trouble.

I am going to get at least one of my finals down on paper today.  I’ve really gotten behind on these projects, so it’s time to crack down.  I expect the Ethnic Diversity final to give me issues.  I’m supposed to describe where I live from the viewpoint of my ethnic group….I’m mostly German.  Most of us, especially in this area, don’t have much connection to our ethnic past, except maybe a fondness for beer.  At least my environmental Science project will be easier; there’s a ton of information on acid deposition.


No sewing done the last couple of days.  I can’t decide on what to make next.  I have a skirt, a jumper,  a shirt dress, and the coffee date dress  pattern.  Sadly the material I want to use on the coffee date dress will likely not be enough.  I’ll have to place it out to see.  I can’t decide on the fabiric for the shirt dress…I have a couple good choices.  There are a couple candidates for the jumper as well.  On top of all that, I have a yard and a half or so of brown and green linen that could be a summer top and a yard of hawaiian print jersey that I’d like to make a tank top.  The only project I am contemplating that has both its pattern and its fabric is a pink and purple stripey skirt.  Though, since the school quarter is coming to a close, I don’t really have time to make it until I get a lot more done on my final projects. 

Had a break from the heat today and the rain was nice.  Kiddo got soakin wet, but I don’t mind it this time of year.  Heat returns tomorrow, it was nice while it lasted.

On a totally different note, new White Collar episode today….yay!

OK, I’ve been busy, between moving and school, and WOW burnout I dropped the idea of blogging for a while. 

Me and Sam are on a wow hiatus, I may decide to reup my account for Cataclysm, but I’m really not sure.  I’m really not giving it much thought. 

School is going well, but I have two claseses I really don’t like atm.  Enviromental Science and Ethnic Diversity… darn it, just give me some math!  I’m slogging through it though and next quarter will be better.  Sam starts school on Monday.  He’s going for Technology- communications and networking.  Were both really excited about that.  He’s even talking about getting some of the certifications too. 

While I’ve not picked up my knitting needles in months, I have started sewing again.  I fixed several of Sam’s things, made a skirt for me, and a shirt for JD.  The thrift store next to me sells fabric and patterns; be still my heart.

OK, Icecrown is fun.  Ran it 10 man last week and roflpwned. 

Marrowgar-  annoying.   He spiked me 3 times in a row.   2nd time I died in a fire right after I was freed.  I got a Battle Res, healed myself and got….you guessed it, spiked again!  4 times total that fight!  I was so glad we were running 3 healers instead of the 2 we run in TOC.   Otherwise not so bad once the tanks get all coordinated.  Got the bone spike achievement.

Deathwhisper- mostly a FOL spam fight.  Gotta watch out for the empowered flavored adds though.  They’ll take a tank down quick.  This seems more a fight of DPS coordination.  Casters hit the boss the whole add phase unless a magic only add is up.   Melee burn down shields and kill the melee only adds.  Hybrid flavored DPS like enh shammys, DKs and hunters kinda have it hard.

Gunship- OMG fun!  Any fight that lets you strap rockets to your back can’t be all bad.  stay outta rocket strikes and your gold!

Saurfang- I got to DPS this  😀   Seems like the best way to handle this in 10 man is to pile on as much DPS as possible and  burn him before he has a chance to put up his debuffs, so 2 healers here.  The adds we split between the ranged and melee.  One add is kited and the other chain stunned.  Got the timed kill achievement. 

I decided to level a hordie on Shadow Council.  I rolled an orc rogue  named Glim.  Gotta say I like the racials.  I’ve run a dungeon every day Ive been able to get on for long enough.  Each time it took less than five minutes to put the group together!  I’m runnin dungeons that I nearly forgot existed, BFD anyone?

School is going well, I’m on my 3rd week of classes, though it is a little crazy during the holiday season.  Work is insanely busy, new patch content is fun, I need to do my christmas shopping, and I need some sleep!  Luckily, I get a couple weeks off of school, from the 21st till the 3rd of January.   That’ll help, and work will settle down after Christmas.

I started my first set of classes at University of Phoenix this week.  So far so good.  Im taking a communication in business class and a class on distance education.  

In the communication class we are discussing voice and tone in writing.  We also read an interesting article on blogging and business.  In the distance learning class we are being given a basic introduction on how this whole internet schooling works. 

My councilors are really serious about keeping in touch to be sure I’m doing ok.  I dont really need the attention at the moment, but its nice to know that it’s easy to get in touch if I have issues. 

Anyway, I have 2 nine week-long projects to do, so Ill be one busy space goat.  I have to make a Powerpoint presentation to persuade a committee to add a service of some sort to an office building  and I have to make a college survival guide. 

The hardest part is getting my brain in gear for the writing.  I was never a great writer.  I have a hard time coming up with words to convey whats going on in my head sometimes   😛  Im hoping that will improve with practice.

Oh my, its been busy.  I’ll get the wow news out of the way first.  I got my lil gnome rogue, Elly, to 80.  She was my first toon, ya know, and while Im probably never going to run her seriously, I am very attached to her all the same.  She has the cutest little animations!  On the raiding front, we are beating our heads on TOGC 25 Twin Valkyrs.  We are getting close  though and I fully expect them to go down soon.  On other raiding fronts, Ren picked up the twilight vanquisher title last week for lols.  It beats the jenkins title anyway.

On the RL front, we have our christmas tree up and a pretty new wreath on the door.  When we moved, last January, it was a mess.  We ended up leaving all our ornaments at the old house.  It’s a shame, because there were some lovely ones with sentimental value, but we were just so glad to be out of there that going back more than absolutely necessary never crossed our mind.  This year well just start collecting some nice new ornaments that will hopefully give us good memories in the future.

Kiddo is doing reasonably well in school.  He likes his class, but doesnt like his homework at all.   Were gearing up for the food drive at scouts next week and the week after that will be the Christmas Party!

On the knitting front, Im working on the sleeves of my sweater.  Sleeves slow me down because Im using 2 circulars instead of just one.  So tedious!

On a side note…Mortigan the Lock’s blog disappeared.  Hope he returns, he was a funny guy, even if he was undead.