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I love raids.  Its cool to have 9 or 24 other people working together to get something done.    I hate raids….people bein snippy and DRAMA!

Last night we worked in TOGC 25.  For some reason, this week, there are some issues with beasts.  Tempers flare a lil, but its no real big deal.  We have a cranky warrior tank (hes normally so nice, but we all have off days) and people that dont move for the yeti fast enough.  I admit, I didnt get out fast enough one time.  Beaten by the pillar boss   😦   

We decide to go to Uld instead and work on a few hardmodes.  We saved a lockout at the keepers just for this.  We start on Hodir.  Right after the pull,  threat flys around a lil and a couple DPS die.  The guy that pulled first was the BF of the tank (our bear, not our warrior tank).  We miss the achievement by seconds. 

Soon as Hodir dies, Miss Bear goes a bit ballistic over vent at her BF….who is in the same room as her.  She goes afk after a min and we all collect outside Thorim…and wait.   The BF comes with us and while we have our thumbs up our collective rear ends, he suddenly rocket boots into the colleseum and logs.   Im guessin his comp got hit/ unplugged.  This seems to happen when they fight.  This is the second time in a couple months, so idk whats gonna happen. 

After this the RL ninja logs….wth.  If the raid is over, say somethin.  Hearthing and logging like that just seems so….puggish 

Next 25 is Sunday, I hear we’re using our pally, warrior, and other bear tank….Ill christen him Mr Bear for the sake of the post.  But then, I think Miss Bear might be outta town on Sun…I know she’ll be gone tonight and Sat.  Either way, Im hoping for a smooth run. 

On a completely unrelated note:  Finished my first orientation class, yay!