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OK, so JoAnn’s had simplicity patters for a dollar a pop this weekend.  So I bought a couple.  The first one I cut out was 2361, the Cynthia Rowley dress that looks almost like the Anda dress if you lop all the frilly bits off.  This is a good candidate for my duvet cover fabric.

I separated the front and the back piece of the cover today….that really gave my seam ripper a workout.  Tomorrow I’ll cut and sew.  I’m thinking about using elastic at the waist rather than a tie.

If this works well, It’ll be great for hanging around the house/ going to the grocery store dress.

My next big project will be pants….I’ve never done adult pants before.  I like the idea of having a curvy option, so I’m gonna try this pair first.

I’m going to use the same fabric I made that plaid wrap skirt out of for my muslin. 

If these fit well, I’m going to get the boot cut version too.

I have a school break next week, and kiddo starts school Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll get these things sewn  😀


I’m cracking on with my linen shirt.  Linen is really easy to work with, so it’s coming together well.  I’m glad I did kiddo’s shirt first because the directions on this pattern are on the vague side and the pictures are tiny!  Fortunately, the construction is pretty basic.

It’s a free pattern, so I can’t complain too much.  It is drafted really well; the pieces fit together beautifully, and that’s the important part.

The fit isn’t bad, as far as I can tell.  It looks like it will be a little looses around the waist, but I plan on wearing a belt with it, so that may be ok.

Sam and I are trying to get on the same track at school, so we can arrange breaks at the same time.  I’ll just take a week between the next couple of classes, and before next summer we’ll be together.

Kiddo starts school in a little over 3 weeks and he’s actually excited about it.  That’s a nice change.

No sewing done the last couple of days.  I can’t decide on what to make next.  I have a skirt, a jumper,  a shirt dress, and the coffee date dress  pattern.  Sadly the material I want to use on the coffee date dress will likely not be enough.  I’ll have to place it out to see.  I can’t decide on the fabiric for the shirt dress…I have a couple good choices.  There are a couple candidates for the jumper as well.  On top of all that, I have a yard and a half or so of brown and green linen that could be a summer top and a yard of hawaiian print jersey that I’d like to make a tank top.  The only project I am contemplating that has both its pattern and its fabric is a pink and purple stripey skirt.  Though, since the school quarter is coming to a close, I don’t really have time to make it until I get a lot more done on my final projects. 

Had a break from the heat today and the rain was nice.  Kiddo got soakin wet, but I don’t mind it this time of year.  Heat returns tomorrow, it was nice while it lasted.

On a totally different note, new White Collar episode today….yay!

OK, I’ve been busy, between moving and school, and WOW burnout I dropped the idea of blogging for a while. 

Me and Sam are on a wow hiatus, I may decide to reup my account for Cataclysm, but I’m really not sure.  I’m really not giving it much thought. 

School is going well, but I have two claseses I really don’t like atm.  Enviromental Science and Ethnic Diversity… darn it, just give me some math!  I’m slogging through it though and next quarter will be better.  Sam starts school on Monday.  He’s going for Technology- communications and networking.  Were both really excited about that.  He’s even talking about getting some of the certifications too. 

While I’ve not picked up my knitting needles in months, I have started sewing again.  I fixed several of Sam’s things, made a skirt for me, and a shirt for JD.  The thrift store next to me sells fabric and patterns; be still my heart.

Oh my, its been busy.  I’ll get the wow news out of the way first.  I got my lil gnome rogue, Elly, to 80.  She was my first toon, ya know, and while Im probably never going to run her seriously, I am very attached to her all the same.  She has the cutest little animations!  On the raiding front, we are beating our heads on TOGC 25 Twin Valkyrs.  We are getting close  though and I fully expect them to go down soon.  On other raiding fronts, Ren picked up the twilight vanquisher title last week for lols.  It beats the jenkins title anyway.

On the RL front, we have our christmas tree up and a pretty new wreath on the door.  When we moved, last January, it was a mess.  We ended up leaving all our ornaments at the old house.  It’s a shame, because there were some lovely ones with sentimental value, but we were just so glad to be out of there that going back more than absolutely necessary never crossed our mind.  This year well just start collecting some nice new ornaments that will hopefully give us good memories in the future.

Kiddo is doing reasonably well in school.  He likes his class, but doesnt like his homework at all.   Were gearing up for the food drive at scouts next week and the week after that will be the Christmas Party!

On the knitting front, Im working on the sleeves of my sweater.  Sleeves slow me down because Im using 2 circulars instead of just one.  So tedious!

On a side note…Mortigan the Lock’s blog disappeared.  Hope he returns, he was a funny guy, even if he was undead.