OK, so JoAnn’s had simplicity patters for a dollar a pop this weekend.  So I bought a couple.  The first one I cut out was 2361, the Cynthia Rowley dress that looks almost like the Anda dress if you lop all the frilly bits off.  This is a good candidate for my duvet cover fabric.

I separated the front and the back piece of the cover today….that really gave my seam ripper a workout.  Tomorrow I’ll cut and sew.  I’m thinking about using elastic at the waist rather than a tie.

If this works well, It’ll be great for hanging around the house/ going to the grocery store dress.

My next big project will be pants….I’ve never done adult pants before.  I like the idea of having a curvy option, so I’m gonna try this pair first.

I’m going to use the same fabric I made that plaid wrap skirt out of for my muslin. 

If these fit well, I’m going to get the boot cut version too.

I have a school break next week, and kiddo starts school Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll get these things sewn  😀