As stated on the envelope, New Look 6816 is both fast and easy.  I first made the 3/4 sleeve model with the sleeve cuffs.  It took me longer than 2 hours, but not much more.  I threw a sash around it and it looks really good.  I’ll wear it this fall.

The neckline does stand up just a bit, but I’m blaming the very firm doubleknit material.  The effect isn’t bad, so I don’t mind it.  It’s a very slouchy blouse and fits the material to a T.

I used an old tie I had lying around for the sash. The colors of it are perfect.  I may disassemble it and make it less tie like, still deciding. 

For my second shirt, I used the short sleeve version of this pattern.  It fetures a slightly lower neckline.  After seeing the width of the 3/4 sleeve neck, it shoulda sent off warning bells….

I feel like I’m in an 80’s dance studio or something.   She’s a maaaaniac, maaaaniac oh no no!  And she’s dancin like she’s never danced before!

I’ll hem it and find it a good home with someone possessing broader shulders than me.  If I can’t do that, it’s something to wear around the house…or maybe to the gym  O.O