Sam started school last week and is still settling in.  He’s trying to work out a schedule with his advisor that will allow him time to get his professional certifications while still in school.  He’s starting, of course, with the A+ certification and then we’ll go from there.

His classes are set up differently than mine.  I usually have a discussion heavy week in one class coincide with a writing heavy week in the other class.  In addition, I have a final project for both classes; it’s almost always a paper. 

Currently, his classes seem to be discussion based, though I expect that to change when he finishes the “welcome to college” type classes.  He also doesn’t have a final project; he has a midterm and a final exam.  I’m guessing the slow start has to do with the majors we chose and our past college experience.  I’m a business major and he’s going into technology and networks.  I have prior college experience, and Sam never even considered going before now.

I worry about how Sam will do.  He’s smart, so the actual school work isn’t an issue, but he’s already had the professor in one of his classes really rub him wrong.  This professor seems…not particularly good, and Sam has little patience for people he sees as incompetent.  Last night he talked about it with his advisor, so that’s good.  Just so long as he doesn’t poke the professor too hard in class via angry forum post and get himself in trouble.

I am going to get at least one of my finals down on paper today.  I’ve really gotten behind on these projects, so it’s time to crack down.  I expect the Ethnic Diversity final to give me issues.  I’m supposed to describe where I live from the viewpoint of my ethnic group….I’m mostly German.  Most of us, especially in this area, don’t have much connection to our ethnic past, except maybe a fondness for beer.  At least my environmental Science project will be easier; there’s a ton of information on acid deposition.