I finished my linen shirt and I feel like I need to travel the Amazon in a pith helmet.  I think it’s the banana leaf pattern combined with the linen that’s bringing on this urge…that and the puffy sleeves kinda remind me of something Jane might have in that Disney Tarzan movie a few years back.  Yes, I know that was Africa.

The pattern is Burdastyle jj6009, sans ruffles.  It was mostly an easy pattern, but I found the directions for the sleeve cuff more than a bit vague.  I muddled through. 

It’s not a bad fit for a first try.  The sleeve cuff is a little tight, I may change-up how the cuffs button to give myself some room.  It is also a shade tight in the chest, I could probably play with the seam allowance in the front just a bit.  It’s a bit looses at the small of my back, but that’s ok with the belt.  Overall, though, I’m pleased.  BTW, the belt was a happy thrift store find, nice!

Please excuse the wrinkles, I wore it out today.  I also managed to get a little BBQ sauce on it, thank goodness for bold patters and pretreaters!