OK, I figured out my next project.  I have some linen that I found for 90% off at Joann’s and I finally found some blue suiting to match it at the thrift store. 

I’m going to make the Burda JJ 6009 top, minus the ruffles.  There is so much going on with this fabric, ruffles will just detract from it.  I’m then going to track down a basic A-line skirt to go with it.  I’m trying to build an interesting, but professional looking office wardrobe…. I hope to have an office job to go with it one of these days, being the whole reason I’m back in school.

I printed the pattern last night and today will be spent cutting and taping it together. 

I stopped by a yard sale on the way home from work this morning and found a sprinkler for kiddo to run through and this:

It’s a duvet cover for a double bed, it looks a little small to be queen sized.  I think it could make a very bold skirt or dress.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet; the plain back piece may end up as the muslin for my shirt.

BTW, whats up with Burda sizes?  It was a lucky thing that I looked at the size measurements last night; I would have assumed that a size 38 meant a 38″ bust and cut that instead of a 42.