No sewing done the last couple of days.  I can’t decide on what to make next.  I have a skirt, a jumper,  a shirt dress, and the coffee date dress  pattern.  Sadly the material I want to use on the coffee date dress will likely not be enough.  I’ll have to place it out to see.  I can’t decide on the fabiric for the shirt dress…I have a couple good choices.  There are a couple candidates for the jumper as well.  On top of all that, I have a yard and a half or so of brown and green linen that could be a summer top and a yard of hawaiian print jersey that I’d like to make a tank top.  The only project I am contemplating that has both its pattern and its fabric is a pink and purple stripey skirt.  Though, since the school quarter is coming to a close, I don’t really have time to make it until I get a lot more done on my final projects. 

Had a break from the heat today and the rain was nice.  Kiddo got soakin wet, but I don’t mind it this time of year.  Heat returns tomorrow, it was nice while it lasted.

On a totally different note, new White Collar episode today….yay!