OK, Icecrown is fun.  Ran it 10 man last week and roflpwned. 

Marrowgar-  annoying.   He spiked me 3 times in a row.   2nd time I died in a fire right after I was freed.  I got a Battle Res, healed myself and got….you guessed it, spiked again!  4 times total that fight!  I was so glad we were running 3 healers instead of the 2 we run in TOC.   Otherwise not so bad once the tanks get all coordinated.  Got the bone spike achievement.

Deathwhisper- mostly a FOL spam fight.  Gotta watch out for the empowered flavored adds though.  They’ll take a tank down quick.  This seems more a fight of DPS coordination.  Casters hit the boss the whole add phase unless a magic only add is up.   Melee burn down shields and kill the melee only adds.  Hybrid flavored DPS like enh shammys, DKs and hunters kinda have it hard.

Gunship- OMG fun!  Any fight that lets you strap rockets to your back can’t be all bad.  stay outta rocket strikes and your gold!

Saurfang- I got to DPS this  😀   Seems like the best way to handle this in 10 man is to pile on as much DPS as possible and  burn him before he has a chance to put up his debuffs, so 2 healers here.  The adds we split between the ranged and melee.  One add is kited and the other chain stunned.  Got the timed kill achievement. 

I decided to level a hordie on Shadow Council.  I rolled an orc rogue  named Glim.  Gotta say I like the racials.  I’ve run a dungeon every day Ive been able to get on for long enough.  Each time it took less than five minutes to put the group together!  I’m runnin dungeons that I nearly forgot existed, BFD anyone?

School is going well, I’m on my 3rd week of classes, though it is a little crazy during the holiday season.  Work is insanely busy, new patch content is fun, I need to do my christmas shopping, and I need some sleep!  Luckily, I get a couple weeks off of school, from the 21st till the 3rd of January.   That’ll help, and work will settle down after Christmas.