I started my first set of classes at University of Phoenix this week.  So far so good.  Im taking a communication in business class and a class on distance education.  

In the communication class we are discussing voice and tone in writing.  We also read an interesting article on blogging and business.  In the distance learning class we are being given a basic introduction on how this whole internet schooling works. 

My councilors are really serious about keeping in touch to be sure I’m doing ok.  I dont really need the attention at the moment, but its nice to know that it’s easy to get in touch if I have issues. 

Anyway, I have 2 nine week-long projects to do, so Ill be one busy space goat.  I have to make a Powerpoint presentation to persuade a committee to add a service of some sort to an office building  and I have to make a college survival guide. 

The hardest part is getting my brain in gear for the writing.  I was never a great writer.  I have a hard time coming up with words to convey whats going on in my head sometimes   😛  Im hoping that will improve with practice.