I suck at updating.  Anyway, In recent news…..

Northrend Beasts have been crushed under Repentance’s boot….twice now!  We killed goremokk during his enrage the first time.   We all started DPSing him like mad while he started one shotting us.  You shoulda heard the screaming when he went down!  Nerdhowl ftw!


Better yet, we got down Lord J and faction champs as well.  We have caught up to realm progression…go us.  We got our first taste of twin valkyrs last night.   Darn, theres some intense healing in that fight! 

Our ten man group meets up again tonight.  Were struggling, but, I think, if we consistantly work on it, we’ll get it, and be a much stronger group for it.  That said, we all need to show up!  We had to reschedule from fri because we had missing peoples and we couldnt round up replacements.  Replacements defeat the purpose anyway, were trying to mesh as a group   😛

On a RL note, I  enrolled in college and will start at the end of the month.  Im gonna have to cut back on the raiding, but thats ok.  Im subject to burnout after a couple months anyway when it comes to raiding.  I just can’t say no to a good raid and it gets me in trouble.   Anyway, Im goin for a degree in buisness with a concentration in accounting.  I start general ed courses on the 30th…in about a year and a half I shoud have an associates and in about 3 years Ill have a Bachellors.  Forward Ho!