Continued beating our heads on H NB.  Either the tanks go down during Goremock, or we lose it to worms.   Distance boss kills us there.   We got Icehowl out a few times, but still had a worm up…..thats a good way to die quick


On a side note, got my headless horseman helm….why does he even need a helm?  Anyway, Ive been tearing around Dalaran laughing like a maniac.


The guild decided to set up 10 man TOGCs,  since theyre not very easy to pug and we need the gear from that to help us in 25.  My group is on Tues, so we’ll see how far we get.  It’s supposed to be way easier than 25 man.


My apt lease is coming up….gotta decide to stay or go.  I want to stay, but it depends on whether my RM is staying too, otherwise we need to find a cheaper, smaller place.  I really, really dont wanna do that.  Even moving to a smaller place, moving is expensive and I love this area.  It’s so darn convenient.