Ive decided to go back to college, assuming I can get in and not starve while doing so.  I decided on Thomas Edison State College because they have a really good distance learning program.   I just need to scrape together 75 bucks for the app fee and start filling out student aid forms   😛


Its become obvious lately that, to be any help supporting my family, I need more education.  After a bit of thought, Ive decided on pursuing a bachelors in Buisness- Accounting.   Im gonna see if I can talk to a few people in the field before enrolling though, see what the business is like from a practical point of view.


Kiddo, came home from playing yesterday coated in axle grease.  I dunno what Im gonna do with him.  Im not even sure where he found it.  


On a gaming note, Ren has a shiny new Chest and cloak from TOC 25 and the triumph badge helm.  Hedwann has an Ony 10 helm.  New gear is fun. 


We tried Heroic Northrend Beasts again….did better.  Kept losing it about the time the first worm died.  We saw the yeti guy come out once, 2nd worm was almost dead….too many DPS dead I think.  Before long we’ll have it,and I hear Jaraxxmas is a bit easier.