Were runnin Uld hard modes tonight.  Hopefully we’ll get a good ways in.  The only ones that really worry me are firefighter and one light.  The lootgods have been nice to me lately and I got new boots, belt and gloves.  Now if I can just win a token for the T-9….and a cloak….and a shield.  Tryin to get rid of Naxx gear.   Updates and maybe pics incoming.



 bad bad men

FYI…hard modes are hard!  Iron Council is proving to be a pain in our collective rear ends.  We’re good till 3rd phase then we lose it    😛
Its a mana intensive fight and I had to really manage my cooldowns carefully.  I was talking to Baaelle and his regen numbers arent too far off of mine.  He, however has a decent bit more SP and about 5% more crit than me, so he holds out much longer.  It’ll come with gear though.  Hes got a lot nicer gear.   I hope we will continue trying on this boss.  we were very close.