OK, so JoAnn’s had simplicity patters for a dollar a pop this weekend.  So I bought a couple.  The first one I cut out was 2361, the Cynthia Rowley dress that looks almost like the Anda dress if you lop all the frilly bits off.  This is a good candidate for my duvet cover fabric.

I separated the front and the back piece of the cover today….that really gave my seam ripper a workout.  Tomorrow I’ll cut and sew.  I’m thinking about using elastic at the waist rather than a tie.

If this works well, It’ll be great for hanging around the house/ going to the grocery store dress.

My next big project will be pants….I’ve never done adult pants before.  I like the idea of having a curvy option, so I’m gonna try this pair first.

I’m going to use the same fabric I made that plaid wrap skirt out of for my muslin. 

If these fit well, I’m going to get the boot cut version too.

I have a school break next week, and kiddo starts school Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll get these things sewn  😀


As stated on the envelope, New Look 6816 is both fast and easy.  I first made the 3/4 sleeve model with the sleeve cuffs.  It took me longer than 2 hours, but not much more.  I threw a sash around it and it looks really good.  I’ll wear it this fall.

The neckline does stand up just a bit, but I’m blaming the very firm doubleknit material.  The effect isn’t bad, so I don’t mind it.  It’s a very slouchy blouse and fits the material to a T.

I used an old tie I had lying around for the sash. The colors of it are perfect.  I may disassemble it and make it less tie like, still deciding. 

For my second shirt, I used the short sleeve version of this pattern.  It fetures a slightly lower neckline.  After seeing the width of the 3/4 sleeve neck, it shoulda sent off warning bells….

I feel like I’m in an 80’s dance studio or something.   She’s a maaaaniac, maaaaniac oh no no!  And she’s dancin like she’s never danced before!

I’ll hem it and find it a good home with someone possessing broader shulders than me.  If I can’t do that, it’s something to wear around the house…or maybe to the gym  O.O

Ok, since I have my finals out of the way, I get to start a new project!  I have two knits in my stash, a fun hibiscus print on jersey and a retro double knit fabric.

The heavier retro knit needs something slightly flowey and cut for fall and I want a short sleeve T shirt out of the flowered one.  I found both in one pattern.  New Look 6816

Looks easy enough….Ill post results soonish   😀

Finished my SCI275 final and I’m gonna write my ETH125 final today….alll except for the bit with the reference I’m missing.  I hope to be back to sewing or something soon. 

On a side note, Sam reupped his wow account, and I’m a little jealous.  He’s not on his 80’s, Ill prolly join him arount the time cata comes out.  No raiding though; that’s a time sink and a half!

ETA: Finished writing my ETH125 final.  now I just need to revise and grammer check them.  I can do that in one week without much trouble.

Sam started school last week and is still settling in.  He’s trying to work out a schedule with his advisor that will allow him time to get his professional certifications while still in school.  He’s starting, of course, with the A+ certification and then we’ll go from there.

His classes are set up differently than mine.  I usually have a discussion heavy week in one class coincide with a writing heavy week in the other class.  In addition, I have a final project for both classes; it’s almost always a paper. 

Currently, his classes seem to be discussion based, though I expect that to change when he finishes the “welcome to college” type classes.  He also doesn’t have a final project; he has a midterm and a final exam.  I’m guessing the slow start has to do with the majors we chose and our past college experience.  I’m a business major and he’s going into technology and networks.  I have prior college experience, and Sam never even considered going before now.

I worry about how Sam will do.  He’s smart, so the actual school work isn’t an issue, but he’s already had the professor in one of his classes really rub him wrong.  This professor seems…not particularly good, and Sam has little patience for people he sees as incompetent.  Last night he talked about it with his advisor, so that’s good.  Just so long as he doesn’t poke the professor too hard in class via angry forum post and get himself in trouble.

I am going to get at least one of my finals down on paper today.  I’ve really gotten behind on these projects, so it’s time to crack down.  I expect the Ethnic Diversity final to give me issues.  I’m supposed to describe where I live from the viewpoint of my ethnic group….I’m mostly German.  Most of us, especially in this area, don’t have much connection to our ethnic past, except maybe a fondness for beer.  At least my environmental Science project will be easier; there’s a ton of information on acid deposition.

I finished my linen shirt and I feel like I need to travel the Amazon in a pith helmet.  I think it’s the banana leaf pattern combined with the linen that’s bringing on this urge…that and the puffy sleeves kinda remind me of something Jane might have in that Disney Tarzan movie a few years back.  Yes, I know that was Africa.

The pattern is Burdastyle jj6009, sans ruffles.  It was mostly an easy pattern, but I found the directions for the sleeve cuff more than a bit vague.  I muddled through. 

It’s not a bad fit for a first try.  The sleeve cuff is a little tight, I may change-up how the cuffs button to give myself some room.  It is also a shade tight in the chest, I could probably play with the seam allowance in the front just a bit.  It’s a bit looses at the small of my back, but that’s ok with the belt.  Overall, though, I’m pleased.  BTW, the belt was a happy thrift store find, nice!

Please excuse the wrinkles, I wore it out today.  I also managed to get a little BBQ sauce on it, thank goodness for bold patters and pretreaters!

I’m cracking on with my linen shirt.  Linen is really easy to work with, so it’s coming together well.  I’m glad I did kiddo’s shirt first because the directions on this pattern are on the vague side and the pictures are tiny!  Fortunately, the construction is pretty basic.

It’s a free pattern, so I can’t complain too much.  It is drafted really well; the pieces fit together beautifully, and that’s the important part.

The fit isn’t bad, as far as I can tell.  It looks like it will be a little looses around the waist, but I plan on wearing a belt with it, so that may be ok.

Sam and I are trying to get on the same track at school, so we can arrange breaks at the same time.  I’ll just take a week between the next couple of classes, and before next summer we’ll be together.

Kiddo starts school in a little over 3 weeks and he’s actually excited about it.  That’s a nice change.

OK, I figured out my next project.  I have some linen that I found for 90% off at Joann’s and I finally found some blue suiting to match it at the thrift store. 

I’m going to make the Burda JJ 6009 top, minus the ruffles.  There is so much going on with this fabric, ruffles will just detract from it.  I’m then going to track down a basic A-line skirt to go with it.  I’m trying to build an interesting, but professional looking office wardrobe…. I hope to have an office job to go with it one of these days, being the whole reason I’m back in school.

I printed the pattern last night and today will be spent cutting and taping it together. 

I stopped by a yard sale on the way home from work this morning and found a sprinkler for kiddo to run through and this:

It’s a duvet cover for a double bed, it looks a little small to be queen sized.  I think it could make a very bold skirt or dress.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet; the plain back piece may end up as the muslin for my shirt.

BTW, whats up with Burda sizes?  It was a lucky thing that I looked at the size measurements last night; I would have assumed that a size 38 meant a 38″ bust and cut that instead of a 42.

No sewing done the last couple of days.  I can’t decide on what to make next.  I have a skirt, a jumper,  a shirt dress, and the coffee date dress  pattern.  Sadly the material I want to use on the coffee date dress will likely not be enough.  I’ll have to place it out to see.  I can’t decide on the fabiric for the shirt dress…I have a couple good choices.  There are a couple candidates for the jumper as well.  On top of all that, I have a yard and a half or so of brown and green linen that could be a summer top and a yard of hawaiian print jersey that I’d like to make a tank top.  The only project I am contemplating that has both its pattern and its fabric is a pink and purple stripey skirt.  Though, since the school quarter is coming to a close, I don’t really have time to make it until I get a lot more done on my final projects. 

Had a break from the heat today and the rain was nice.  Kiddo got soakin wet, but I don’t mind it this time of year.  Heat returns tomorrow, it was nice while it lasted.

On a totally different note, new White Collar episode today….yay!

OK, I’ve been busy, between moving and school, and WOW burnout I dropped the idea of blogging for a while. 

Me and Sam are on a wow hiatus, I may decide to reup my account for Cataclysm, but I’m really not sure.  I’m really not giving it much thought. 

School is going well, but I have two claseses I really don’t like atm.  Enviromental Science and Ethnic Diversity… darn it, just give me some math!  I’m slogging through it though and next quarter will be better.  Sam starts school on Monday.  He’s going for Technology- communications and networking.  Were both really excited about that.  He’s even talking about getting some of the certifications too. 

While I’ve not picked up my knitting needles in months, I have started sewing again.  I fixed several of Sam’s things, made a skirt for me, and a shirt for JD.  The thrift store next to me sells fabric and patterns; be still my heart.